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Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Space TravelSpaceflight is the act in which a spacecraft travels to into or through space.  Spaceflight can either be manned or without humans.  Two examples of spaceflight is space tourism and space exploration.  Beginning in 2012, space travel will become a reality due to the assistance of commercial spaceflight companies such as Virgin Galactic.  For the first time in mankind, these companies will be sending civilians into space by way of private spaceflights.  Virgin Galactic has a fleet (5) spacecrafts, SpaceShipTwo, waiting for blastoff as we take travel to a whole nother level.  Prior to now, the only spaceflights that have been performed where that of trained astronauts and unmanned spacecrafts including space probes and satellites.

The Kennedy Space Center has been home to every United States human spaceflight since 1968.  However, with the shutdown of NASA in 2011, space exploration’s attention is now fully directly to commercial spaceflight.  NASA will be playing a big role in the transformation of space tourism.  They’ve already bought several flights from Virgin Galactic’s private spaceships.  Along with that, a former NASA executive, Michael P. Moses, has joined Virgin Galactic as the Vice President of Operation.

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

In order for a spacecraft to take flight, it must have a spaceport and a runway.  A typical commercial spacecraft will take flight in two stages.  The first stage of the flight takes off similar to that of an airplane on a runway.  Private spaceflight will not blast off in a vertical direction as did all the space shuttles in the past.  The spaceship vehicle is attached to an aircraft at launch.  Once the aircraft and spaceship reach 50,000 feet, the aircraft will release the spaceship and the rocket engine will fire up, blasting the spaceship into a spaceflight into space.  The landing of the spaceflight is the same as an airplane as well.

We have already witnessed a strong presence of spaceflight companies vying for the chance to have your business and send you into outer space.  Below is a list of commercial spaceflight companies.  Also, be sure to check out the list of accredited space travel agents here:


Space Adventures Ready for Space Tourism Space Adventures

Founded in 1998 by Eric Anderson, Space Adventures is recognized as the first spaceflight company to send private citizens to space.  As of the end of 2011, Space Adventures private clients have cumulatively spent two months aboard the International Space Station.  Space Adventures offer spaceflight experiences like, zero-gravity flights, orbital spaceflights and the option in a spacewalk.  Space Adventures is based in Virginia, United States.

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XCOR AerospaceXCOR Aerospace Offers Space Travel

 XCOR Aerospace is a spaceflight development company based at the Mojave Spaceport in Mojave, California.  Founded in 1999 by Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace is confident that it will pay a key role in the space tourism industry.  A big player in space science today, XCOR Aerospace has its eye set on partaking in private spaceflight by way of their spacecraft, The Lynx.  Plans for the first commercial spaceflight is set to launch in the fall of 2012.

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RocketShip Tours Taking Space Travel RocketShip Tours

In partnership with XCOR Aerospace, RocketShip Tours has plans to send paying clients into LEO via their spaceflight program.  Founded by Jules Klar, RocketShip Tours acts as Sales Agent for AXCOR Aerospace.  The partnership is going to be stiff competitions for the other companies due to the reliablity of AXOR Aerospace’s successful spacecraft history and the fact that Mr. Klar was the brains behind the company, Great American Travel, one of the successful travel organizations during its tenor.

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PlanetSpacePlanetSpace Ready For Space Tourism

Privately funded, PlanetSpace was founded by Geoff Sheerin which is also the CEO Canadian Arrow Corporation.  With the spacecraft assistance of Lockheed Martin, PlanetSpace plans to soon send commercial private spaceflights into Orbit.  PlanetSpace is also comprised of Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria who notably made history in 2000 when it launched the world’s first privately funded manned space program and signed up Dennis Tito to space as Earth’s first space tourist.  Now teamed up with Mr. Sheerin, this partnership is destined for big things.

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Starchaser Industries Taking Aim At Space TourismStarchaser Industries

Startchaser Industries is based in the United Kingdom and their principle focus is to participate in the commercial spaceflight industry.  Founded in 1992, Starchaser Industries still holds the UK record for the biggest successful rocket launch ever fired from the British mainland in 2001.  Starchaser Industries is relying on a somewhat different spaceflight for tourist by way of capsule.  This concept has been developed and successfully tested.  The capsule called Thunderstar, can house 3 people and will be used for Sub Orbital spaceflights.

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