Important Tips and Facts About Human Space Travel

Only 517 people have ever been in space.  As of the end of 2011, Virgin Galactic already has over 500 tickets sold for spaceflights that are due to begin launching in 2012.  That’s a creditable figure that clearly suggests that we’re about to enter a new era in Space Travel.  This also indicates that very few people have ever experienced what it’s like in space.  Understanding what to expect when traveling through space will better prepare you for your Space Trip.  Below is a list of things to expect and also information on each:

Zero Gravity – Or known as “weightlessness” is the condition when you experience little to no acceleration except the accelerationExperiencing Zero G of a trajectory of pure free-fall.  Zero G can be better understood by the belly button theory.  Imagine your “center of mass” is located just behind your belly button.  When you’re experiencing zero gravity and you come into contact with something or someone, if the line of that contact (a bump, a push, etc.) doesn’t go through your belly button, then you begin rotating in a motion that around relvolves around your belly button.  Kind of confusion?  Think of it this way…  If you’re floating in air and someone pushes you in the shoulder, your body will rotate in the direction behind your shoulder.  If someone pushes you in the area of your belly button, your entire body will move in a consistent direction backwards.

Don’t Hold Your Breath  – The exact understanding of this isn’t completely clear however, we do know this…  Holding your breath is likely to damage your lungs, similar to that of a scuba divers when ascending.  Experiments on this have been conducted on animals and they have confirmed that exposure to vacuum causes no immediate injury.  You blood does not boil nor do you explode or freeze.  Brief unprotected exposure while in space will cause minor problems like swelling of the skin and sunburn.

You’ll Need To Learn How To Use The Bathroom  – The way you go to the bathroom is going to be completely different.  In fact, before being able to voyage in space, you’ll be trained on how to properly use the bathroom.  Water flushing toilets are not possible Bathrooms in Space aren't as cool as thisin space so suction fan-driven toilets are installed on spaceships.  In order to use the bathroom, you’ll need to secure yourself down including sliding your feet under anchors and straps for your thigh area.  If you only need to pee, there’s a handy little hose apparatus that makes urinating while standing up easy for men and women alike.

Space Sex Not Permitted – Sexual intercourse is not allowed per NASA.  At least that’s what their policies say…  Sex is not permitted on the International Space Station or while in flight.  However, you and I don’t work for NASA so who’s to say that it can’t be performed if the environment is safe.  The primary reason for this topic being brought up in the past is because NASA wanted to make sure that in the public’s eyes, this was forbidden and that no extracurricular activities were being wasted while on missions that cost millions and millions of dollars.  I wouldn’t suggest tryingNASA says Sex isn't permitted in Space to make a baby though because it’s proven that the stimulus of gravity during the early stages of a fetus’ development is important.




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