Space Travel Agents Ready To Launch Clients Into Space

Space Travel Agents Have Begun Popping Up All Around

With over 72 accredited around the world, this could be the boost of much needed business from an industry that’s been hanging by a thread in recent years.  Travel Agents are now offering services that are far beyond what they probably ever imagined.  With the decline in travel agent services, is space travel agents what they need to revive a once thriving market.

Sonja Rohde enjoys weightlessness on a Zero G flight. Rohde, of Hagen, Germany, is among the first 100 people to book flights on the Virgin Galactic spaceline.Is Space Travel Agents What Travel Agencies Need?

Business travelers and alike use to depend heavily on travel agents.  However, due to the internet, social media and other factors, much of what was considered difficult to acquire, is as simple as logging on Expedia.  Travel agents still have a fan base but there typically either the extremely wealthy who just simple don’t have time or care, or there the older generation of people that still aren’t up-to-speed with the internet.  Anyway you look at it, travel agencies seemed like a dying breed, until now…

The recent demand and interest in Space Travel Agents has sparked a curiosity that have people saying, Huh.?.?.  It’s already mind-boggling to know that in just a few short months, space tourism will become a reality in 2012.  Couple that with the fact that companies have started to offer their services and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a “Are You Kidding Me?”  And no, Space Travel Agents aren’t the only industry gearing up for space travel in 2012.  Insurance companies are beginning to offer Space Travel Insurance and specialty clothing companies are selling Space Travel Gear.

Indiana’s First Accredited Space Travel Agents

One such travel company that is already offering space travel agent services is travel agent Kelly Shea.  She’s Indiana’s first travel agency to offer space travel agent services.  Kelly states; “I think all of us have a need to explore. It’s in our DNA,” Shea said. “And besides, talk about having a conversation at a cocktail party.”  Regardless of the high price tag ($200,000 per ticket), Kelly thinks space tourism will takoff with the traveling elite.

With the 500th ticket just sold, this could very well be the boost the Travel Agent industry needs.

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