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As Space Travel takes off, space science attractions on Earth has seen a substantial upswing in tourist as well.  From science museums to the Kennedy Space Center to the Missions Space ride at Disney World, attractions relating to space explorations is more popular than ever.  The thought of humans knowing they’ve an opportunity to travel to space has sparked an undeniable curiosity.  For the first time in history, space travel is now open to the public.  However, it’s no secret that initial space travel will be costly enticing travelers to seek a more affordable way to experience space exploration.  But over the next few years, expect to see a drastic decrease in the price of space trips.  During this time, now is a great opportunity to visit some of the best sightseeing space attractions around the world.

Space attractions have been around for nearly as long as space explorations itself.  It has given us an opportunity to experience and learn the world above us.  Due to the limited amount of people that have actually traveled to space, and now the availability for anybody to take a space trip, due to the demand of this never before tapped industry, new space attractions and museums will be opening up all around.  Current space centers will as well begin a revitalization to coincide with the changing of space tourism.

Below are some of the most popular space attractions, space museums and rides.  Check out the top 10 list here to see the best of the best:


Kennedy Space Center

NASA Kennedy Space Center

The granddaddy of all space centers on earth, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-see if you’re ever in Florida.  What was once manned by NASA, every United States space launch since 1968 occurred at the Kennedy Space Center.  Located in Merritt Island, the space center covers 219 square miles.  Due to its close proximity to Orlando (1 hour drive), it’s a popular tourist destination that feeds from the visitors of Disney World.  The Kennedy Space Center is the only space attraction on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet astronauts, see rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a spaceflight launching.  Even though NASA’s program has ended, that certainly hasn’t stopped the Kennedy Space Center from launch events.  Regularly, rockets are launched from the space center.



Cosmodome Space Camp in Canada

Cosmodome, located in Canada is the only space museum devoted solely to space science.  Born in 1994,Cosmodome is home to both the Space Science Center and Space Camp Canada.  The space center displays one of the rocks that was retrieved by astronaut James Irwin of the Apollo 15 mission.  With a wide array of activities and attractions, the Cosmodome should be on your radar if ever in Canada.



Spaceport Wallasey

Located in the United Kingdom, Spaceport Wallasey is a visitor attraction which takes you on an inspirational journey through space, as you walk through several themed galleries, which all feature a large variety of interactive hands-on exhibits and audio visual experiences.  This space attraction is new and a must visit if every in the area.




Enjoy a virtual ride in this HD Vidoe of the Mission Space Ride at Disney World:


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