Your Ride Through The Sky Via First Space Travel

With Virgin Galactic serving as your gateway to the galaxy, the First Space Travel will begin to take-off in 2012.  Virgin Galactic will be the first commercial spaceflight company to embark of this endeavor by way of 5 spacecrafts named SpaceShipTwo.  XCOR Aerospace is another private spaceflight company that will service spaceflights via their rocketplane, Lynx.  Initial spaceflights will occur in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), which is within the locus and extends from the Earth’s surface.  LEO is generally defined as being between 100-1,240 miles (106-2,000 km) above Earth’s surface.  For an in dept look into LEO, click here.  As we witness our First Space Travel begin to takeoff into a booming industry, more companies will start building and developing spaceflights.  First Space travel is a market that’s literally about to ascend on a unbelievable journey that will completely change the way we view trips.


First Space Travel Spaceports – An Airport On Steroids

Commercial spaceflights out of the United Stated will first take-off out of Spaceport America located in the Jornada del Muerto desert of New Mexico, United States.  Jornada del Muetro is situated 90 miles north of El Paso, Texas.  Spaceport America in New Mexico, named the world headquarters for Virgin Galactic, official opened on October 18, 2011.  Baikonur Cosmodrome is another notable spaceport located in Kazakhstan, Russia.  For additional information on spaceports, click here.

spaceport america located in new mexico


The Drastic “Drop In Cost Factor” Following First Space Travel

The rich and famous aren’t the only ones who will eventually be able to experience Space Tourism.  The first 42-inch plasma TV display was introduced in 1997 for a whopping $14,999.  In 2004, I purchased my first plasma television, which was a 42-inch Panasonic for $3,000.  Today, high quality 42-inch plasma can be yours for less $500.  That is approximately a 96% drop in price over 15 years (or 6.5% decrease each year).  It could be argued that the travel industry can’t be compared in that regard, which is an accurate statement.  A hotel room 15 years ago actually cost less than it does today.  Inflation plays a role in the increase of cruises, airfare, theme park admission, food etc.  However, the main factor for the significant decline in the cost of the Space Travel Cost will go downplasma TV’s is technology.  We see it everyday from smartphones to game consoles.  Much of what makes first space travel a reality is technology.  Furthermore, it’s untapped technology just as the 42-inch was in 1997, the first space flight or space hotel will be considerably more until we catch up with the advancements in technology.  Actual travel expenses like fuel and labor will continue to increase over time however, a majority of what it is costing the first space traveler today is pure profit (they have to make up for the many years where all this money begin spent on development, and no revenue stream generated during that time).  Bear in mind, it the cost of first space travel will significantly decrease over the years.  With all that said, anticipate that over the course of a decade, we’ll see at least a 90% drop in the cost of space hotel rates as well as space travel.  So, if a space hotel room sells for $30,000 in 2016, expect to only pay $3,000 by 2020.  Don’t be shocked if that price went even lower and quicker!


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