Floating Space Hotel Will Be Taking Reservations Soon

Shortly following the first commercial flight to space, focus will be turned to opening Space Hotels in Orbit.  Several companies have already taken necessary steps to make this happen.  The most notable company is the Russian firm, Orbit Technologies, who plan to open the first space hotel in 2016.  The space hotel will include accommodations for up to 7 space travelers and stays will range from 3 days to 6 months.

Another company that will be building a space hotels and has created a lot of buzz,, is Bigelow Aerospace.  The start-up company was founded in 1998 by Robert Bigelow, owner of the hotel chain, Budget Suites of America.  As a seasoned hotelier on land, Bigelow has the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the hotel industry.  A space hotel outer space will be a far-cry from a night stay on Earth, but technology and development aside,, being an expert in the industry will only position Bigelow for success.  Also, there are many similarities including hotel marketing, hotel packages, setting room rates, etc. that all will play important roles in ensuing the Space Hotel is a hit.

The Inside of a Space Hotel

Pictured above and to the right are just released renderings of what Orbital Technology’s Space Hotel will look like.  As you can see, by no means are space hotels going to be glamorous.  Don’t expect 5-Star Ritz Carlton service along with luxurious amenities.  Space hotels have to be built space-friendly.  Unlike hotels on earth, a space hotel won’t have a maid or be able to order a prime rib from room service.  The lifestyle on the first generation space hotels will be simple with the ability to sleep vertical or horizontal and the space hotel will be equipped with a shower cubicle.  Internet and cable is anticipated to be available by the opening of the first space hotel.  With the steady increase in confirmed booking on the Virgin Galactic and other Space Travel companies, it won’t be long before these space hotels begin popping up all throughout our galaxy.  But we do need to accomplish the first space traveling that will begin to take shape in 2012


Space Travel First Then The Space Hotel

The first order of business though is to complete several commercial space flights.  The success of these short space flights will dictate the next step in space tourism being, the Space Hotel.  Once, we have a few sub-orbital flights take off and return without a hitch, then the open sign will illuminate outside the Space Hotels.  It’s the obvious progression in reveling an entirely new world to civilization.  Never before have we been this close to achieving the unthinkable and actually sending Average Joe’s to outer space.  At first, it will be very costly.  But, as with everything, competition increases resulting in a price-war and not to mention, as technology advancement are discovered and invented, it will create costs to greatly head south.  It’s being reported that Space Hotel rates are going to cost in the price range of $150,000 for a 5-night stay ($30k a night).  This does not include your flight to the Space Hotel which will cost you a lot more.  That price is outrageous but don’t expect it to be that high for long.


The Drastic “Drop In Cost Factor” Following First Space Hotel

The first 42-inch plasma TV display was introduced in 1997 for a whopping $14,999.  In 2004, I purchased my first plasma television, which was a 42-inch Panasonic for $3,000.  Today, high quality 42-inch plasma can be yours for less $500.  That is approximately a 96% drop in price over 15 years (or 6.5% decrease each year).  It could be argued that the travel industry can’t be compared in that regard, which is an accurate statement.  A hotel room 15 years ago actually cost less than it does today.  Inflation plays a role in the increase of cruises, airfare, theme park admission, food etc.  However, the main 2 factors for the significant decline in the cost of the plasma TV’s is technology and competition.

Space Travel Cost will go downWe see it everyday from smartphones to game consoles.  Much of what makes first space travel a reality is technology.  Furthermore, it’s untapped technology just as the 42-inch was in 1997, the first space flight or space hotel will be considerably more until we catch up with the advancements in technology.  Actual travel expenses like fuel and labor will continue to increase over time however, a majority of what it is costing the first space traveler today is pure profit (they have to make up for the many years where all this money begin spent on development, and no revenue stream generated during that time).  Bear in mind, it the cost of first space travel will significantly decrease over the years.  With all that said, anticipate that over the course of a decade, we’ll see at least a 90% drop in the cost of space hotel rates as well as space travel.  So, if a space hotel room sells for $30,000 in 2016, expect to only pay $3,000 by 2020.  Don’t be shocked if that price went even lower and quicker!


The 2nd Generation Space Hotel Future Space Hotels

The above outlines what will occur in the 1st gen of space hotels.  As technology advances and a better understanding of the knowledge of Space Travel continuer, we’ll start to see more developed Space Hotels.  These hotels will be larger and more earth-like.  At this point, we’ll become more comfortable with Space Travel and additional amenities will be offered like a restaurant and entertainment room.  Currently, the look and feel of Space Hotels is on a little bit higher caliber that the International Space Station, but incomparable to the 2nd and 3rd generations of Space Hotels.  They will have the look and feel of a hotel room on Earth.


This video features a tour of the Obital Techgology Space Hotel:



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