Facebook Employees Say The’re Going To Space

Space Tourism About To Get A Facebook Status Update From Space?

FacebookFor Mark Zuckerberg, the chance to go to space soon is as easy as plopping down $200,000.  But now, many Facebook employees will soon have an opportunity to travel to space due to the company hitting Wall Street in 2012.  The most anticipated stock market debut of 2012 could turn over a thousand Facebook employees into instant millionaires.  Facebook, who is reportedly valued at $100 billion, will be making a big splash when the company goes public.  Interoffice discussions at Facebook have revealed that several employees are interested in being one of the first to travel to space.

An undisclosed employee of Facebook said that he’s going to book a ticket to space that will set him back $200,000.  He’s weighing his options of spaceflight companies including that of Virgin Galactic.  Considering that this employee predicts that his stock shares will be worth some $50 million, that’s a drop in the bucket.  The employee had this to say… “If that IPO bell happens, then I will definitely put money down.  It’s been a childhood dream of mine to travel to space.”

Facebook, who is the #1 Social Media website on Earth is sure to spark investors interest come 2012.  This would be the biggest “coming out party” ever for a start-up Silicon Valley company.  Even with big names like Google and Yahoo, Facebook’s current status is on a whole different level.

I think it’s cool that Facebook employees want go to space.  I wish more young entrepreneurs and famous people who are financially stable to shell out that much money, would sign up.  These “kids” are the inventors of our future.  With them being apart of Space Tourism, it can only help out with the industry’s financial backing, not to mention their brains which can likely assist the space travel industry in getting it off the ground quicker and making commercial space travel more affordable.

It’s only right that the first Facebook status update is done by a Facebook employee that helped shape the company to what it is today.

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