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Space Bio is unlike any other site on the internet.  It’s simple yet powerful enough to inject you with high-octane fuel cells that is sure to boost your enthusiasm and knowledge about Space Travel!  Space Bio is the first of its kind to offer extensive free information about Space Travel.  As of the beginning of 2012, only 525 humans have ever experienced space.  This is all about to change with the blast off of Space Tourism.  Already, more people have reserved a spaceflight seat into space, than the total amount of people that have even been.  The Space Industry is an untapped market that has just opened its doors to a reality never before been available to civilians.  Space Bio is the premiere website for Space Travel providing all the necessary information needed when planning, preparing and just before takeoff!

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Thanks for visiting Space Bio and allowing yourself to be one of our guests.  Feel free to let us know how we’re doing and if there’s anything you’d like to see.  Space Bio is under development and is being filled with information daily so please bear that in mind when contacting us.  Some pages may not be complete as we are working diligently to have Space Bio completed very soon.


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My name is Rich and I live in the southwest region of the States.  Not only do I possess a passion for Space Travel, but I’m also a dreamer of the realization of “What’s Out There?”.  Is there life on Mars?  Will we someday be able to visit the moon on daily basis?  Will we have a Space Elevator?  These poised possibilities mesmerize my thoughts into an excitement that someday, this could be the norm.  Space Travel will be taking off in 2012.  I’m thrilled to be alive to witness this amazing achievement unfold before our eyes.

Other than Space, I enjoy learning and reading about technology of all kinds.  My hobbies include aviation related activities and have had a private pilot license since 1983.  I do hope one day that I’ll be able to visit space and experience “real” weightlessness among all the other cool elements that occur while in Orbit.  Until then, I’ll just continue to write about Space Travel, keeping you up-top-speed on the developments while at the same time providing you with entertaining blogs and beneficial unique content that translates to nothing like it on the web.

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